About Us


Femme Indonesia

what female needs in life?
Feel beauty inside and outside
Friends to talk about their relationship
and safety in financial to cover their life in the future.
So that's why we are here!

Femme Indonesia is All Female Needs!

As bestfriends,
We will help you to improve your skill and growing to be Bolt and Beautiful Female with our Beauty & Fashion Event.
We give you a memorable birthday party to celebrate your special day.
And the best part is we promise to share our experience in blog posting when we try a new make up( and tell you the honest!), our chit chat with boys (because we need to understand this people who lives in planet mars) and sharing our journey to start business (we want to influence many female to join as entrepreneur!).

As Organizer,
Our service is only for female event and birthday party.

As Blogger,
We will help brand to communicate their product or service to female between 18- 35 years old.
And we will help you to choose the best product based on our experience and every blog posting is honest.